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about me
Just call me Bao :)

I like k-pop, green tea, bubble tea, and nail art.

What am I saving up for? You can either look through my wishlist or look at this condensed list here:
~Hangul keyboard stickers (✓)
~Matcha powder
~CN Blue Earfun
~ZE:A Phoenix
~Practically every FT Island CD ever made which will take like a million points
~Infinite CDs and other items (partly ✓)
~You're Beautiful memorabilia and DVD
~K-pop jewelry
~and more less-wanted things

Best ways to get points for me?
~Crowdflower: they have picture sifting ones that are super easy. There's only two and sometimes only one is available or so but it's super easy. They also have some where you search something on google and answer questions. Super easy as well and gives like 50 and 100 points each.
~Videos: Super easy, points are given within like 30 seconds or so, and there are several videos under the "watch videos" section, and then in offers, under "radium" if you click "free" it has a few videos there too.
~Fanclubs. Upload photos, videos, polls, questions, take polls, answer questions, do trivia. It's small but it adds up if you do a lot.
~Aim for about 500 points a day, then go back to the "offers" page and you'll get 50 extra points. That may seem small, but in a week, you'll get 350 points (along with the 500+ you got a day). So in a week, if you get 500+ a day, plus the 50 bonus, you can get 3850+ points.
Some of these things have changed, or it could just be me, so I've just kind of learned to try to do as much as I can and hope for 500 a day, if not, well then you get as many points as you did that day~
I wish luck to everyone~ And if you have a gurupop link you want clicked, you can post it to my wall thing and let others see it~
Speaking of links, if you guys could go to this link ( it would help me raise money for some urgent things. Thank you very much!

stuff i like
BEAST Club Sistar Epik High KPOP(SHINee,CNBlue,SUJU,B.A.P,EXO,etc.) Jay Park B.A.P. Turtles Stuffpoint CN Blue KPOP
Lee Hongki Kim Hyun Joong Maroon 5 super junior Bi Rain 비 makeup K-pop BOY BANDS Harry Potter B1A4 4Minute
2pm Tumblr coffe prince Pretty Little Liars (PLL) chopsticks France Canada swimming Psych SHINee
stuff i want
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L_YYeon says...
How to get points?

posted @ 01/01 05:41.24 PM

OhMyBiasess says...
hello . i want to ask something . i am from malaysia so i wonder if the aazon cad will work if i redeem it using my points . i dont know who i should as so it just happen that i asked u . i hope u ca reply me
posted @ 08/31 02:27.46 AM

crushygee says...
thank you alot for helping
posted @ 08/04 12:17.16 PM

KofDelight says...
I love what's in your wish list
posted @ 04/09 05:22.09 AM

melanie_0925 says...
Thank you for accepting my friend request ^-^ I am glad that there are so many K-poppers here. Congrats on getting the Infinite album !!(One of my favorites) I hope i can cash in one soon as well.
posted @ 12/16 07:54.35 PM

ldonham says...
hey whats up my friends
posted @ 12/06 12:16.42 PM

OhMyBiasess says...
hai . can u tell me how to claim 50 points from bonus 500 points i collect per day ?
posted @ 12/04 01:06.47 AM

ludi says...
Hey i'm Brazilian '-'
posted @ 11/23 02:41.47 PM

charnyeorl says...
Thanks for your help chingu . You help me a lot But , i didn't found any video in "Radium" . it said " all video out" something like that everytime i click on it . do you know why ?
posted @ 11/05 01:56.49 AM

charnyeorl says... please click this for me
posted @ 11/04 04:23.02 AM
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