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XXXX1111 says...
Your ticket information has been saved, and is viewable on the My Numbers page. Your ticket is for the 03-05-2014 drawing.
posted @ 03/02 08:47.20 AM

titto says...
But there's no any sites that have as many offers as SP. Even SP has very few offers for my country. Other sites are usually: "Sorry but site is not available in Vietnam" or so... T.T
posted @ 01/18 02:08.26 AM

titto says...
yeah maybe you're right. I can see a lot of people complaining about not receiving their prizes and the admin's gone. I'm having trouble with uploading images for almost a week. What's wrong with SP?
posted @ 01/17 11:15.02 AM

titto says...
Why do you keep saying that Stuffpoint is a scam and while you have earned tons of dollars and prizes? You also refer many people...:P
posted @ 01/14 11:32.17 AM

jakedn101 says...
stuffpoint has not rewarded me in 3 months exactly how is this happening i heard something about loss of admin but could you be more detail?
posted @ 01/12 01:27.22 AM

EpicNutella says...
No, stuffpoint isn't a scam. You know very well it isn't - it just isn't working right now because of loss of Admin. So, calling the site a scam is really bad.
posted @ 01/11 10:08.14 AM

mrscratch says...
Man, I can't disagree with what you're doing. You should add a list of sites that work in your description though, so that way those who are new to point sites can have a list of legit sites they can be sure work. stuffpoint, stuffpoint, etc.
posted @ 01/11 12:52.24 AM

LightGirly says...
how to earn points easily?
posted @ 01/10 07:43.56 AM

shaib says...
posted @ 01/01 12:58.32 PM

whatsup1 says...
Fame Or Fortune?
posted @ 11/26 12:51.41 AM

Kyoko_Stardoll says...
I saw that your name came up a few minutes ago and it said you earned 90 points because your 'referal completed an offer'. what does that mean ?
posted @ 09/14 11:40.52 PM

wanessacarmelini says...
Our how you can score much, some trick? add hope you accept kisses
posted @ 08/01 12:42.25 AM

JADDER says...
posted @ 03/27 03:04.31 PM

PartyAnimal says...
hi ,hoe many photos do you put in Fan Clubs a day?
posted @ 02/20 09:26.02 AM
Still can't find it? Time to google it!