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Total Earnings: $85.892
Tasks Completed: 1286
Offers Completed: 182
Points Earned: 85,892
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I'm here only to earn imvu credits and prepaid cards

if u want to add me on imvu, msg me here ;)

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13,000 Points
IMVU Name Change $13

10,000 Points
$10 IMVU

10,000 Points
$10 IMVU

10,000 Points
$10 IMVU

10,000 Points
$10 IMVU

5,000 Points
5,000 IMVU Credits

5,000 Points
5,000 IMVU Credits

5,000 Points
5,000 IMVU Credits

2,000 Points
Second Life Linden 500L

2,000 Points
Second Life Linden 500L
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wiamsousou says...
السلام عليكم تفهمي عربي ما هيك ممكن تقولولي والله ما باعرف اربح نقط كيف اربح لاني محتاجة للعبة ستاردول بلييز اجابة
posted @ 03/06 02:47.21 PM

ItsAlive says...
Hey Betto. I'm curious about the imvu name change for 13,000 points. I tried redeeming it before but they said they couldnt find my username. Do you know why? I saw that you got it too before, and I'm wondering if it worked for you and if you had to change any imvu settings. ;o;
posted @ 11/10 01:08.49 PM

lTrillvx says...
hey what kinda offers do you normally complete to get so many points (im trying to get imvu credits aswell )?
posted @ 10/31 12:27.43 PM

egyspy says...
hey momken add 3la imvu .. mahmoudsamer
posted @ 08/26 01:02.28 PM

kristi_anna says...
help me
posted @ 08/17 08:17.56 AM

ursssula says...
Hey I have a question about I've been vip so I don't have guest_ on my name so does that mean I already registered name? Can I use this then? Thanks
posted @ 06/01 07:14.16 AM

andwar says...
posted @ 09/12 06:58.50 PM

babystella says...
i llike tobe your friend if you wish contact with this email address [email protected]
posted @ 06/29 05:52.15 PM

Ridiculous says...
hi Im trying to get my name changed as well. Im super close! what are your quickest ways of earning points ?
posted @ 06/04 11:27.11 AM

RiaHotBaby says...
hi please send me the name registration for my imvu account i dont have enough points pelase its my dream:''(
posted @ 06/03 08:59.59 AM
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