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UPDATE 16/12/2013 - Will stop gathering pts until the admin is back to live -

#I might be slow when it comes to collecting points, but snails don't give up they crawl :o
Thanks for visiting my profile! Although I don't know what for.. o.ov

If you're new, sign in here:
I help peeps, but I will care more for my referrals c:

I'm quite a gamer, played everyday for about 5-8 hours to fulfill my gaming needs. >:9
But the problem is I don't want to spend money for online games (excluding electricity), but people with cash are usually better since all good equipments can only be bought by the game cash ;_;
Therefore, I joined this since I heard I can get free cherry credits voucher :D
*slappd* xD

I love watching anime, and the genre I prefer are thriller, gore and psychology! Same goes to games! I prefer RPG to action games, my hands are slow ;u;
░░░▌▄▄▀▀░▄░▀▀▄▄▐░░░░░░█ say hi to pikachu!
▄▀▀▐▀▀░▄▄▄▄▄░▀▀▌▄▄▄░░░█ i love pokemon, too,
█░░░▀▄░█░░░█░▄▀░░░░█▀▀▀ since they're my childhood ;u;

22/04/2013 - For the first time in my life I've unlocked the 50pts bonus bar! (I know I'm pathetic. YAY!)
03/04/2013 - I reached 9.000 pts! O-O just from 50-80pts per day! [fan clubs] ;-;
10/05/2013 - Frenzied and uploaded a whole album of pictures on fan clubs and got 550 o:
13/05/2013 - Won 8.000 from StuffLotto o:
16/09/2013 - After exchanging my pts with x2 Cherrycredits, I has 7,777 points c:
19/11/2013 - Decided to tell other DN players about Stuffpoint! Got referrals at last xD
21/11/2013 - 540 pts from FanClubs because I uploaded like crazy! Yay xD
08/12/2013 - Won my first 100pts from Prize Button~

stuff i like
Vocaloid Sound Horizon 7th Story: Märchen Pokemon Anime Cosplay Princess Maker Pokemon Ragnarok Online Dragon Nest Anime & Manga RWBY Vocaloid Meiko
MegaMan Sailor Moon Gundam Seed Touhou Attack on Titan Megurine Luka (Vocaloid) Rozen Maiden Mirai Nikki Gumi (Vocaloid) pretty cure
Dogs Puella Magi Madoka Magica Thoughtfull quotes One Piece Fairy Tail Dangan Ronpa Angel Beats Naruto Magi Umineko no naku koro ni
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stuff i've received

10,500 Points
10,000 Cherry Credits

10,500 Points
10,000 Cherry Credits

10,500 Points
10,000 Cherry Credits
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ladysanca says...
hii kak,, aku mau nanya,, brapa banyak gambar sehari yang kk upload ke club? dan berapa banyyak club yang kk upload gambar..makasih^^
posted @ 11/26 05:17.20 PM

ljiljan02 says...
If you want earn more $ and get BONUS for each $ + 12% pls register on this link http://www.stuffpoint.com/?r=ljiljan02
posted @ 11/01 11:48.36 PM

Uolesor says...
I am really slow in collecting points, you said you are too. I wonder why you are a Gold member already. I hope you can teach us. I love Pikachu too.
posted @ 10/27 03:29.15 AM

dash says...
yay, im liking those attack on titan chibis you found!
posted @ 10/01 06:01.45 PM

kristi_anna says...
Dressup games at Stardoll
posted @ 08/29 07:09.57 AM

unowen says...
And you lucky human, won the stuffloto o:
posted @ 05/15 03:34.24 AM

dosa23 says...
hi! when you entered in youtube contest? because I entered in the contest on 27th of april and I haven't received the points, you know how can I take them? tnx
posted @ 05/14 10:08.31 AM

Zetsabre says...
550 Points for urself, What a Drfghfd O.O
Oh well gratz on reaching 10k xD
posted @ 05/10 02:40.29 AM

Gamer says...
Thank you for joining my fanclub I hope you post a lot of your great pictures!
posted @ 04/01 03:20.11 AM

FruityPunchxo says...
Congrats on getting 160+ points from fanclubs today!
posted @ 03/26 02:32.29 AM
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