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Total Earnings: $63.626
Tasks Completed: 12
Offers Completed: 870
Points Earned: 63,626
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If you ever need help, feel free to write on my wall or message me,I will gladly help you!

Please, under any cirstances, do NOT ask me to buy you anything. I work very hard to earn these points, but of course, I will gladly give you some tips on gaining points.

YOUTUBE VIDEO GUIDE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mP_oZbcEuR0

*06/01/2013*: REACHED 40,000! :D

*16/03/2013*: REACHED 50,000! :D

*24/03/2013*: Redeemed for Roblox $25 Cards (2 of these)

*02/08/13*: REACHED 60,000! :D

Saving up for: Nothing and Everything.

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Minecraft Team Fortress chocolate Facebook Apple SpongeBoB  Square Pants Naruto Batman Disney Google
Wii Harry Potter Coke ice cream Playstation 3 Nike Dogs Youtube Second Life Stuffpoint
Family Guy The Sims Habbo Super Mario Temple Run Angry Birds Pokemon The Hunger Games The Simpsons IMVU
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25,000 Points
$25 Roblox Card

25,000 Points
$25 Roblox Card
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khalelgad says...
plz buy a $10 League of Legends card and sent me the code plz its my dream
posted @ 01/11 11:06.10 AM

LittleWolfAngel says...
Could you give me points? just 5000?
posted @ 11/24 07:55.31 PM

ljiljan02 says...
if you want earn $ on Crowdflower but paying much more than StuffPoint and get BONUS for each $ + 12% pls register on this link http://www.stuffpoint.com/?r=ljiljan02
posted @ 11/01 11:23.54 PM

keelie12 says...
I love your username
posted @ 10/21 06:41.22 PM

sakoun says...
How do you got refferals? i need help with it.

posted @ 10/02 05:26.15 PM

Gamer says...
Hey, how are you?
posted @ 08/17 05:29.46 AM

TheHeavenRush says...
It converts it into pounds
posted @ 08/02 04:45.51 AM

TheHeavenRush says...
Lol woo xx
posted @ 07/31 04:35.44 PM

Gamer says...
Hey, how are you?
posted @ 01/06 12:14.46 AM

Gamer says...
Argh, the surveys hate me! :P
posted @ 11/27 02:23.45 AM
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