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about me
❀ I LOVE cute guys like Justin Bieber and One Direction. :D I'm a Belieber and Directioner. :) ❀ I also enjoy listening to a couple of Demi Lovato's tunes, so I guess I'm also a level-one Lovatic. :D

A big Directioner like me? Join my club on SP! :

You can never earn enough. ;)

Feel free to ask me anything! ^^

I'm targeting at 10,000 points per month.

✓ Reach 10,000 points
✓ Reach 20,000 points
✓ Redeem a reward and receive it
✓ Level up to Gold
✓ Reach 30,000 points
✓ Reach 40,000 points
✓ Reach 50,000 points
Reach 60,000 points
Reach 70,000 points
Reach 80,000 points
Reach 90,000 points
Reach 100,000 points
Redeem something (s) and have more than 20,000 points left
Get 10 referrals
Get to Level Platinum!

I'm not going to be online for a few months due to exams. :( But I will visit occasionally. :)

I don't do much surveys -in fact currently, I've only done three in the entire time I'm on SP-, I depend much on fan clubs and CrowdFlower. Joined for 4 months. My points build up slowly.

(⌒▽⌒)☆ Thanks for visiting my profile! :)

☮ Not a member yet? Sign up here: ☜(ˆ▽ˆ)

Feel free to add! ^^

Unsure about StuffPoint? Visit my Blog of StuffPoint for tips and proofs ->

Have a nice day! :)

stuff i like
Zayn+Louis+Harry+Niall+Liam One Direction Justin Bieber Harry Styles SpongeBoB  Square Pants Disney Cats Liam payne ice cream Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Stuffpoint Club Music MR.BEAN Apple Scooby doo Trollface Harry Potter Dogs Facebook One Direction Lovers!
Shoes Photography Niall Horan Zayn Malik Funny pictures! Twitter Animal-Lovers m&m Gummy Bears! Club Penguin
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YourGirlAddie says...
Almost on 50K point, goodluck for reaching your next target
posted @ 04/06 08:48.14 AM

Brown says...
LOL. I'm your top referral. :P
posted @ 03/25 05:37.45 AM

Diathedia says...
Excuse me me newbie, can I ask something?

Most points earned from Fan Clubs: 700+ points
^hooowww'd you doooo thaaat >A<
posted @ 03/25 04:14.31 AM

niall1D says...
Wow you're doing excellent here.
posted @ 03/08 03:46.04 AM

esja3224 says...
Hi What surveys/offers do you do from SG? I earn like half of how much you do a day.
posted @ 02/18 06:34.41 AM

Gamer says...
Congrats levelling up!
posted @ 02/13 06:19.15 AM

niall1D says...
Congrats on having your rewards delivered! Go, go, go, girl, you got it
posted @ 01/21 01:54.28 AM

niall1D says...
Hey you've got some points. But your rewards are still pending? For how long?
posted @ 01/11 10:00.01 PM

ilovepink1 says...
cool pic!
posted @ 12/30 09:25.04 PM

georgetaq says...
Hi !
posted @ 12/18 12:09.51 PM
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