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aLove4Reve says...
olá como eu consigo pontos já tentei como eu carrego imagens Obrigado Bye
posted @ 06/17 03:17.58 PM

BoomiethelostDestiny_sl says...
stuffpoint is good for PED, ISK and L$ and these places really are Liget; (Also has Paypal for SL users) (Make the minimum to cash out and reward is delivered to your email address instantly) (This website has hundreds of giftcards that are also provided to you instantly. Unlike the above website there is no PP and it has many more cards).
posted @ 05/31 11:02.21 PM

bec1924 says...
how do u get so much points?

posted @ 01/25 09:23.53 PM

simodisegne says...
Hi i want to introduce the best ptc in the web i say in the web? i mean in the world because is the only ptc that always pays, and is not a scam like others, stuffpoint is a stable ptc that was founded 4 years ago, for now is just an introduction about this site but don't forget to check back later i going to make some tips and tutorials about how the site works.

To register to stuffpoint and start making money you can go here
posted @ 11/25 08:25.04 AM

koenorotto says...
hii gamer hows it going=]
posted @ 11/12 01:14.23 PM

gamernicks says...
did you redeem any new custom reward .if yes is that showing on ur reward history
posted @ 11/03 05:25.38 AM

Midway says...
Hey, how's it going?
posted @ 10/05 11:48.18 PM

ValerieCheema says...
okay thnks im trying to earn 25 000 points for something , so far i need 22000 more points
posted @ 09/19 03:58.01 PM

ValerieCheema says...
really then how do some people recieve 200 or 300 points?
posted @ 09/19 07:13.05 AM

ValerieCheema says...
how many images do you upload daily , one day i uploaded 40 and only recieved 139 points
posted @ 09/19 06:49.17 AM

ValerieCheema says...
can you give me some tips on earning points
posted @ 09/18 07:05.57 PM

EpicNutella says...
Gamer! Hey! How are you? Daily Surveys look dead now..are they still completable? As they still pay out? That was my main way of getting points back a few months ago.
posted @ 07/27 07:18.56 PM

WatchOut says...
Ok but where does she send the support ticket and how? Soz if im botherin
posted @ 07/27 03:03.54 AM

WatchOut says...
Hi My friend asked me to ask you what a support ticket is because she was about to redeem a stardoll membership card but was afraid some might go wrong. Thanks ♥
posted @ 07/27 02:57.09 AM
Still can't find it? Time to google it!