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about me
A small girl was brought into the world one cold night in February, The 5th to be exact. Fourteen years ago a baby was born and she goes by the name of Bessie. Her passions are gaming,Singing,And writing. She's easy to make friends with, But tends to grow apart from her friends, She's quite a loner actually, But she doesn't like to think of it that way.
She's quite different than anyone else, Though rarely do people seem to take notice of her. She's unique. She's weird. And she, Is me.

And now down to the less serious, Technical stuff.

I'm here to earn the following:
Stardoll superstar card [xxx] (HxCookie)
Amazon card [xx] (Bessie, Should be first one with a pic, Feel free to gift me :P lmao)
Runescape membership card [] (HxC0okie/Babygirlyoul & WildChiiq)

And on that note I shall be gone. Feel free to add me, Comment, Or whatever. Thanks for visiting :)

stuff i like
Supernatural The Avengers Lady Gaga burger king True Blood iPhone Monkeys Green Day Dr pepper Horror
Pretty Little Liars Zombies Horses KFC Phineas and Ferb Movies demi lovato Harry Potter The Hunger Games Twilight
Stuffpoint tattoos The Vampire Diaries Converse One Direction The Walking Dead The Sims Black Veil Brides Runescape swimming
stuff i want
stuff i've received

10,000 Points
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10,000 Points
$10 Stardoll

10,000 Points
$10 Stardoll

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5,000 Points
Amazon.com $5

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VickyVCuchi says...
Hi!!! I sow your coment on a poll, Don´t weist your sd in your suite! by clothes or designs. You can make an other acount a send you the things for your suite!! ;D
posted @ 11/23 08:12.48 AM

Sunshiny says...
Hello Bessie!! It's been a long time since I saw you online. Hope all is well?
posted @ 08/31 02:15.28 AM

Watermalon531 says...
how do you earn that much points? I wish I had alot!
posted @ 03/24 10:35.52 PM

Szoffiii says...
how do u earn pionts?pls help me:S.i from hungary and i don't speak in english only little.
posted @ 11/11 04:40.35 AM

NicN says...
how do u earn pionts? xD
posted @ 09/18 10:54.01 AM

DeidaraBrianna says...
how do u earn pionts TT~TT mine is so difficult
posted @ 09/16 09:56.18 PM

Dancy909 says...

posted @ 09/16 12:31.32 PM

zozza2 says...
WOW You're awsome but i can't even reach 100 points!!!
posted @ 09/13 06:32.51 AM

Caitlyn_girly15 says...
how do u get all those points!!
posted @ 08/20 01:57.22 PM

karchy says...
Okay, thanks for your answer. I wan't sure becouse is old stardoll picture on the card
posted @ 08/05 08:02.53 AM
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