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about me
about me
Obviously I'm Emo...Don't judge, it's just the way I am.
I'm a girl, I'm 16 years old.
Black hair, Blue eyes.
2 Tattoos, And I only like snakebites, Angel Bites, the Monroe piercing, Madonna piercing, and the septum piercing LOL...Or just a regular nose stud. I've had each and every one of those piercings. At this very moment I'm only wearing Angel Bites. (:
Anyways...I love heavy metal, screamo, somewhat depressive music. Again, don't judge. It's all my opinion.
My Teddy says Hi. He has a septum piercing too! XD
Uhm, so...The rest of my 'Blog,' Is currently under construction...
Soo...gtfo my page stalkers...
LOL, I'm jk, ilysm ppls y love rock and roll and hiphop is my life hhh f**k this life

stuff i like
stardoll 2013 Stardoll Avril Lavigne Les Misérables Frances Ha hyakka ryouran samurai girl Carly Rae Jepsen Susanna Hoffs Victorious Cats
Anime Paradise Puppies SpongeBoB  Square Pants Nail Designs Stardoll cheat & ers stardollars Club Music Dogs Stuffpoint
stuff i want
stuff i've received
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PiolinaCHUCHU says...
posted @ 04/12 04:22.54 PM

katya9805 says...
katya9805 we nti
posted @ 04/11 06:44.33 AM

katya9805 says...
hay y love stardoll
posted @ 03/27 08:36.13 AM
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