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soojung says...
posted @ 06/07 07:44.02 PM

ladynonagirl says...
hi do you like park shin hye
posted @ 05/03 10:16.47 AM

Sourloser says...
Congrats on winning the lottery!!!!!!!
posted @ 02/20 09:06.21 PM

esja3224 says...
Do u watch Running Man?
posted @ 02/16 08:35.05 AM

Sourloser says...
Oh I meant this one. There was a glitch
posted @ 02/09 12:19.50 AM

Sourloser says...
I really don't know. People said she had cancer or something or she just died but yea I don't know. Do you like my picture?
posted @ 02/08 11:36.22 PM

Sourloser says...
I loved the anime and the manga! Till this day they're still translating the manga into English but the manga never finished because sadly the author died.
posted @ 02/08 10:24.54 PM

Sourloser says...
Did u read the manga or watch the anime? Well it's called itazura na kiss which means mischievous kiss
posted @ 02/02 09:14.38 PM

Sourloser says...
Playful kiss!!!!
posted @ 02/02 12:50.54 PM

jaleel says...
posted @ 01/25 01:35.24 AM

cassiechadie23 says...
thanks its really hard
posted @ 12/29 01:54.54 AM

cassiechadie23 says...
how to earn more points

posted @ 12/29 01:23.01 AM

OhMyBiasess says...
hello . how to claim bonus 50 when we get 500 points per day ?
posted @ 12/03 09:45.08 PM

BaoChuJei says...
Thank you! You too! You seem to be doing well so far
posted @ 10/29 12:27.16 AM
Still can't find it? Time to google it!