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aLove4Reve says...
hello how can I put pictures in clubs because when I see the ad click pictures of a message that can no longer carry tou doing right
posted @ 06/23 12:17.58 AM

BatMan_ says...
How do you earn so fast? o-o Tell the secret .-. ;3
posted @ 02/25 08:57.02 AM

Yancalai says...
how do you earn so fast
posted @ 02/22 12:07.18 AM

Lydia_kingboxing says...
what i can?
posted @ 02/10 12:34.09 PM

Maline says...
What do I earn more points and faster? I only have 477 so far :c ...Can you help me? Thank you C:
posted @ 01/26 02:47.33 PM

Xxxcherryxx says...
please help me I only have 1780 point how we do to have 10 000 I really need for buy membership from stardoll
posted @ 01/13 07:50.50 PM

Xxxcherryxx says...
can you give me code for membership in stardoll game please
posted @ 01/12 06:05.40 PM

PartyAnimal says...
For how long are you on here?
You're doing amazing!
posted @ 01/12 10:17.07 AM

khalelgad says...
can you plz buy a roblox card and send me the code plz
posted @ 01/11 11:59.03 AM

khalelgad says...
can you plz buy a roblox card and send me the code plz
posted @ 01/11 11:57.38 AM

MagicBeans says...
I have no idea when as I havent gotten to speak to him lately lol. I'm in the dark, too, about all of this.
posted @ 12/04 10:40.27 AM

whatsup1 says...
posted @ 11/26 12:47.32 AM

simodisegne says...
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posted @ 11/23 08:49.05 AM

patko7899 says...
Hey man, I wish CLUB PENGUIN MEMBERSHIP CARD :3333 for 19,000 pts ((( How can I earn this amount so fast? )))))
posted @ 11/22 03:16.28 PM
Still can't find it? Time to google it!