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I LOVE kpop and anime

I love playing video games, watching sci-fi and action/comedy films.Huge fan of The Lord of The Rings.

I am trying to save up for kpop goods as you can see in my wishlist.

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kpop- Girls' Generation 2pm B1A4 Kpop group Teen Top!!!!! Angels!! MBLAQ Big Bang Bangtan Boys B2ST C-CLOWN
B.A.P. KPOP(SHINee,CNBlue,SUJU,B.A.P,EXO,etc.) KPOP K-pop BOY BANDS EXO Ikkitousen G-Dragon Sistar F(X) BTOB
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kpopfan12 says...
How are you these days?
posted @ 12/23 11:03.07 AM

kpopfan12 says...
Me too
I also miss our chats
posted @ 11/19 09:05.47 AM

kpopfan12 says...
Oh o.o
I haven´t answered you?! o.o
I´m fine. What about you??
posted @ 10/25 12:54.01 PM

kpopfan12 says...
I know -.-
But I already asked so many people to click on it.
Now I got 63 clicks and am on rank 14
posted @ 09/16 12:32.43 PM

kpopfan12 says...
I really need lots of luck to win.....and of course lots of clicks xD
Don´t know who to ask to click on it anymore T^T
I´ve already got 35 clicks and am on rank 17.
but it´s still one month to go until the event ends -.-
posted @ 09/15 09:40.15 AM

kpopfan12 says...
okay, another try ^^
Thank you
posted @ 09/15 09:37.56 AM

kpopfan12 says...
ahhh o.o
only the thank you could be sent??? Wtf is going on?
posted @ 09/15 09:36.26 AM

kpopfan12 says...
Thank you
posted @ 09/15 09:35.29 AM

kpopfan12 says...
Wow! Then you´re quite lucky to get your bias
Oh, you only have to click on it Nothing more.
The clicks are being counted and the more clicks I get the higher my chnace will be to win But I need quite a lot of luck for this xD
Thank you for clicking on it
posted @ 09/14 11:36.55 AM

kpopfan12 says...
I don´t have any digital albums just the songs I like xD
Wow *o*
You´re so lucky to get Dongwoo. Are you happy that you got him?
Can you do me a favor and click on this link?
Thank you~ ^^
posted @ 09/13 04:22.46 PM
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