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I tried to add myself to my friends list but instead I was told that I cannot and to stop being creepy. WHY? Why can't I add myself if I have the option to. I also won second place twice in a row on the offer contest! Recently I've ran into a dead end with offers though, where I'll be lucky if I have 12 videos to view a day now. Along with that a lot of the surveys don't work for me anymore. Don't know whats up with that. I'm Mike in case you were wondering, nice to meet you. I'm currently unable to find work due to the crappy economy and trying to find a way to earn money, this being one option. In my spare time I love to work on games and mod games. I'm trying to earn money to spend on a site that I'll be building soon. No worries, this site is too much work for me to try and compete with, plus I don't drink red bull... It all depends on how things go here. Wish me luck! I'm currently taking a break from doing all of this though because I recently went through surgery and I've also broken 3 of my toes. Otherwise I'd be earning like a maniac allover again. Well this is the bit about me that I'll share for now. Anymore questions just ask through mail I guess? Yeah that. Have fun.

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linkfrompast says...
Comments seem to be doubling on me..
posted @ 10/01 07:30.00 AM

MagicBeans says...
Where has my buddy gone!? I havent seen you in awhile D':
posted @ 09/30 04:41.51 PM

MagicBeans says...
Hey, sorry about your toes :I Feel better and good luck on your gaming making! It's been awhile since I read such a fun profile description.
posted @ 09/20 10:26.33 PM

KornDango says...
Woah man, you got a whole lot of points! Gosh, I wish I were like you. I'm in need for 10,000 points to get what I want but it's taking so slow. Im still at one thousand points Any tips?
posted @ 01/05 03:12.50 PM

skodman says...
Wow, you're earning way more points than me! Well done
posted @ 12/22 05:19.54 PM

Gamer says...
Wow, you're earning way more points than me! Well done!
posted @ 12/18 12:57.08 AM

curtdog15 says...
( im trying to get points for a stardoll gift card it is hard!
posted @ 12/16 08:55.39 AM

annmarie10 says...
posted @ 12/14 05:44.51 AM

Gamer says...
Wow, how long have you been on Stuffpoint?
posted @ 12/11 05:00.02 AM

Gamer says...
posted @ 12/11 04:12.46 AM
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