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MagicBeans says...
Below websites will help you with redeeming prizes on other sites that work (Links are shortened with Bitly to prevent issues)

(Also has Paypal for SL users)

❣ (Make the minimum to cash out and reward is delivered to your email address instantly)

❣ (This website has hundreds of giftcards that are also provided to you instantly. Unlike the above website there is no PP and it has man
posted @ 06/29 04:15.02 PM

aleezy says...
can u suggest a website in which i can earn points easily and redeem for prizes
posted @ 06/15 05:51.54 AM

aleezy says...
can u suggest a website in which i can earn points easily and redeem for prizes
posted @ 06/15 05:51.09 AM

Diathedia says...
Hi MagicBeans, what's up? Thing's been pretty chaotic, I hope it doesn't stress you out.
posted @ 06/03 08:09.33 AM

aleezy says...
when will it work i mean stuffpoints?
posted @ 06/02 05:56.46 AM

keelie12 says...
Is the new stuffpoints website created by you guys at stuffpoint?
posted @ 05/29 02:57.23 AM

BoomiethelostDestiny_sl says...
Hey Miss Beans I'm wondering if you still might be interested in site moderation, Co-Admin, since this guy seems to be kinda shady. IF this place hasn't killed your drive and you might be interested in doin such things drop me a email @ boomiethelost@yahoo I have really been thinking of setting up a rewards site and I really do have some experience in such matters and have been thinking about it for quite awhile now...
posted @ 05/21 11:53.56 PM

aleezy says...
when this website will work again ?????
posted @ 05/18 06:27.36 AM

punkkeju says...
I want redeem a giftcard but confused if the admin is delivering the rewards nowadays or not ? what should I do ?
posted @ 04/14 04:38.34 AM

BatMan_ says...
how do you earn points so easily o-o it would help me alot :3
posted @ 04/13 09:26.31 AM

Annie_Cresta says...
Could users volunteer to help the site?
posted @ 03/24 12:04.35 PM

Midway says...
Do you have any idea if the admin is going change sites/servers? Because it looks like he has been working on (stuffpoint but with a S at the end)
posted @ 03/22 12:01.46 AM

SelenaMileyZendaya says...
what about the profile brand one? is he working on that?
posted @ 03/14 11:58.40 PM

aleezy says...
is stuffpoint is changed into stuffpoints i opened a website with same name

posted @ 03/13 04:58.52 AM

Still can't find it? Time to google it!