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agalover says...
how do u gain your points???
posted @ 12/29 11:40.53 AM

gamernicks says...
Believe you Natasha. i dont know what going to happen . anyway thanks . But is that fair to mark the reward as delivered without actually send it. So sad
posted @ 12/29 09:31.14 AM

gamernicks says...
i dont get my reward yet . my $40
posted @ 12/25 09:58.59 PM

ValerieCheema says...
Any news on the admin ?
posted @ 12/25 07:11.44 PM

whatsup1 says...
When i upload pics how much points does it give me?
posted @ 12/25 02:04.16 PM

whatsup1 says...
Hey! here is my question: Like usual i always complete the peanut labs surveys. Then suddenly i completed the last survey and BOOM i lost ALL my points (i had about 65,132) i managed to get back 1,893 points back but what about the other points? where have they gone? Can i have them back? Earning them back would take forever! Help?
posted @ 12/23 07:40.00 PM

bluebell247 says...
Hey could you give me some tips on how to get points really quickly? Thanks p.s. how did you get so much points?! ;o
posted @ 12/23 02:41.05 AM

gamernicks says...
it passed dec18 (estimated date) .in the past it never happened .i hope already know that i have been trying to get a headset for very long time .can you please buy and and send to me ( this is not spamming this is my pain )
posted @ 12/20 08:51.17 AM

gamernicks says...
Hey magicbeans this is Cheating . I have waited up to DEC18 still i dont receive my reward . Started this waiting from NOV 27 . it shows Delivered on Nov 2
7 . All my rewards reach my house 5 or 3days before the estimated date . Now where is it . admin cheated so MY hard work
posted @ 12/18 02:44.27 AM

pablogoldenman says...
I have a question, why on the panel, where it says download certain games and install them and they credit account, well those points don't come never why? also If I order some Lindes dollar for Second Life how long usually takes? cause Im reading comments Im starting to be scare about those delays, and Im working hard for the points
posted @ 12/17 10:41.40 PM

Annie_Cresta says...
Some rewards are set to 9 million points...... Is the system glitched?
posted @ 12/16 08:49.34 AM

Diathedia says...
Hi MagicBeans! Long time no see, how are you?
posted @ 12/16 06:53.25 AM

GypsyLxrd says...
How Come It's not Letting Me Redeem my awards ?_?
posted @ 12/15 12:31.46 PM

ValerieCheema says...
umm is stuffpoint dead???
posted @ 12/14 09:35.00 AM
Still can't find it? Time to google it!