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gamernicks says...
MagicBeans its been the second Time i am not Getting the points for the second place in referral contest . 3000 points OMG . i need to get it please . referral contest have some error .
posted @ 11/28 08:57.32 PM

ArturEx26 says...
Hi Natasha, please tell to admin to refund my order
thank you
posted @ 11/28 12:15.25 PM

PinkGuru says...
Rofl Sorry What's The Ticket For? x_x
posted @ 11/27 09:36.43 AM

koenorotto says...
I replied to the ticket =]
posted @ 11/26 02:22.27 PM

whatsup1 says...
Hi and first of all im a very big fan of u! 2 of all how do u upload photos into clubs? Thanks!
posted @ 11/25 11:49.19 PM

keelie12 says...
The problem still isn't fixed and it's 3 days until Thanksgiving
posted @ 11/25 08:17.01 PM

PinkGuru says...
What's CrowdFlower Lmfao i'm asking questions i'm new to this >_
posted @ 11/25 06:10.21 PM

ValerieCheema says...
Any news on if he found a retailer that sells the Stardoll $ 10 Cards?
posted @ 11/25 04:13.31 PM

Yoruichi says...
MagicBeans I'd really like to close that ticket I sent in about Crowdflower..
posted @ 11/25 01:48.43 PM

PinkGuru says...
Does This Site Really Works?
posted @ 11/24 07:43.07 PM

patko7899 says...
hey can you help me? (( I dont know fastest way to get points I need 8,000 pts

posted @ 11/24 02:46.53 AM

whatsup1 says...
Hi again! My question is: When i redeem something do they ship it to my house? Or how? I though you'd know cuz you redeemed SOO MUCH
posted @ 11/23 02:25.41 PM

julissagx says...
Hello natasha how are you? did you know where is the admin, he/she don't respond to my support ticket btw have a great day!
posted @ 11/21 02:13.46 AM

Someoneee says...
Hey It's bean almost 3 months since I last wrote you. How are you? Anyways the admin still didn't give me a new Stardoll code and in the support ticket the only replies I get are "Rerouting". I really need the new code. Is there any way I can get it by the end of the week? Have a nice day
posted @ 11/19 11:55.42 AM
Still can't find it? Time to google it!