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julissagx says...
hi is almost 1 month that i order ''$1 Dollar + Address Verifcation'' and i think there's a delay or something can you help me?
posted @ 11/10 04:56.09 AM

ValerieCheema says...
If it doesn't come sometime next week , can i ask for a refund of my points and a cancellation of my order
posted @ 11/09 07:01.21 PM

Alyssalove says...
S if your thing says its delivered that means its sending? Cause i didnt get it...

posted @ 11/09 05:25.38 PM

koenorotto says...
hii hows it going =]
posted @ 11/09 01:14.56 PM

Gamer says...
Hi, I can't send a support ticket concerning the contest because I have a pending ticket about the refund...
posted @ 11/09 12:36.04 AM

keelie12 says...
Hey, it STILL says the prize is 9,999,990 points when it isn't. Please let the admin know about this, I'm getting impatient. It have been over a week now since I notified you about this problem.
posted @ 11/08 09:35.02 PM

ValerieCheema says...
It's been officially like 2 to 3 weeks of waiting for my rewards :C
posted @ 11/08 04:10.12 PM

CarlaAraya_sl says...
Hi MB! sorry to bother you, but there is someone posting what i call spam on my wall and other peoples comments wall.. i deleted the first few times, but they continue to post it, this time posting twice to two different comments.. i clicked the report post thing, but i have seen them post the same spam on other peoples comments too.. i wouldnt mind if they post once and leave it but its beginning to get annoying :S there a way to block them posting on my comments wall? ty ty (hugs)
posted @ 11/08 09:32.00 AM

hawin says...
posted @ 11/08 07:44.48 AM

whatsup1 says...
Hi my question is: Your so awesome and earn points so fast but how do you do it?
What do you complete? Surveys? Offers? ?
I have not redeemed 1 thing and trying to redeem the Animal Jam 3 Month Membership 10 Diamonds and i REALLY DONT HAVE ENOUGH POINTS UR AWESOME SO I THOUGHT U MAYBE HAVE SOME SUGGESTIONS FOR ME?

posted @ 11/08 01:27.56 AM

Gamer says...
The daily offers contest has not reset, and I haven't received a contest reward for placing during the last week... Could this be fixed?
posted @ 11/08 01:11.22 AM

hawin says...
Mmm? Hoiw
posted @ 11/07 01:29.51 PM

julissagx says...
Hi! just a question you can cancel an order and get the points back? if you can , can you please cancel my amazon 5$ gift card order ID: 29666 , please?
posted @ 11/06 07:59.29 PM

Mary89 says...
Hi! I've been refunded the points for custom order. Do you know if I can order it again or the glitch is not fixed yet?
posted @ 11/06 09:58.45 AM
Still can't find it? Time to google it!