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Stuffpoint is now dead, unfortunately.

If you still want to earn points for rewards, check out
They have better surveys, exclusive offers, and are always on time with rewards! I've yet to have a bad experience with them.

If you ever wanna chat, you'll be able to find me on tumblr! My url is jasnbrody :)

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vogue says...
Haha, ikr. Trying to censor the competition! I see them now, thanks a lot.
posted @ 05/30 07:32.41 AM

vogue says...
The message you left on my profile... did stuffpoint change the names of the sites automatically so they all say "stuffpoint" or something?!
posted @ 05/29 12:51.48 PM

BoomiethelostDestiny_sl says... (Also has Paypal for SL users) (Make the minimum to cash out and reward is delivered to your email address instantly) (This website has hundreds of giftcards that are also provided to you instantly. Unlike the above website there is no PP and it has many more cards).
posted @ 05/28 12:31.05 AM

obeytetemarii says...
can you give tips on earning lots of points like you please? Lol, im kinda struggling here trying to get 20,000 points
posted @ 03/01 01:05.57 PM

titto says...
Wow, you're awesome
posted @ 11/07 10:15.27 AM

khalelgad says...
Total Earnings: $593.085
wow :/ all i need is 10k points for stardoll and i am here for months for nothing :/
posted @ 10/28 11:14.57 AM

chibichan says...
I 100% agree with you. People need to earn points/ awards themselves.
posted @ 07/02 07:54.02 PM

dosa23 says...
hi! I love once upon a time too! i didn't understand what is written on stuffpoint homepage: how have you got the reward (first season) for free? what it means featured? tnx
posted @ 05/19 01:28.05 PM

purging says...
On the weeks you won weekly lottery, do you know if had the top number of tickets?
posted @ 04/18 04:33.16 PM

purging says...
On the weeks you won weekly lottery, do you know if had the top number of tickets?
posted @ 04/18 04:33.13 PM
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