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Feel free to ask how i earn points !

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TIPS - ADD CONTENT TO FAN CLUBS ! At first i did not wanna do this cause i thoght it would take me too much time . IT ADDS UP !! Your hard work will pay off ADD LOTS AND LOTS OF CONTENT EVERYDAY ! They will contine to pay yo for the content you add so if you add alot of content expect to see points for a few days

- DO NOT give up on offers , alot wont credit , but make sure you are clearing cookies , and using new emails for offers. This will help them credit more .

- Leave pages up after you do an offer . Wait abot 15-30 minutes until they credit , Some will be even more delayed than that . Be patient !

- PUT TIME and EFFORT into Stuffpoint. Dont expect points to come easy to you . If you put in a few hours a day , you can have ALOT of points in NO TIME ! Earning For About two hours a day will give you about a dollar or more depending on what offers you do .

-REPEAT and watch your points rack up ! Stuffpoint is not as hard as it seems . Just have patience and you will earn your reward in no time at all .

Dont ask ME to by you something though , JUST WORK HARD !!!!!

Any questions , message me or write just down below . BACK TO EARNING !

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10,000 Points
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Out with the In Crowd (The Reinvention of Skylar Hoyt)

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So Over It (The Reinvention of Skylar Hoyt)

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Girls on Film: An A-List Novel
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lolo_09 says...
join my club
posted @ 08/10 01:53.29 PM

charnyeorl says... please click this for me
posted @ 11/04 04:25.34 AM

Mekosh says...
Thanks for the add.
posted @ 09/30 06:06.17 PM

VenomPirate says...
Take this link:
posted @ 09/22 06:54.31 PM

NoStoneUnturned_sl says...
Kaspersky? I'm not certain if it counts towards the restore or not since it's Virus Protection..:S -shrug- ^^;;
As for the notifications..Go into the settings and such so that you can modify them to your preferences...
I also recommend taking off the Pop-Up Blocker because StuffPoint has a LOT of pop up adds and BANNERS especially that are not BAD, but blocked because MOST people don't want to see those..but it takes out a GOOD portion of your possible points via Radium & etc if they're bl
posted @ 09/12 09:10.30 PM

NoStoneUnturned_sl says...
Yeaaahh... I tried one or three Downloads too and I think only the RealPlayer one worked... The rest didn't... Bleh. I don't like them... Someone else had that same issue where they never got their points for downloading things whether they downloaded everything or the bare-minimum... so the downloads are definitely NOT worth it!
As for the one you cannot delete... I would suggest trying to go through "System Restore" to get rid of it... which means you may need to re-install
posted @ 09/12 09:07.30 PM

NoStoneUnturned_sl says...
In response to your Virus Protection problem:
I use Kaspersky and it (so far) has been doing a great job battling and preventing the bad websites/downloads from occurring... I'd recommend avoiding downloads especially...
Dash said: @mindless, somene mentioned some program called sandboxie that allows you to download stuff but keeps it in a quarantined area so it cant affect your pc. ive never tried it but seen it mentioned a lot online
posted @ 09/12 07:40.11 PM
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