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The world without music would suck, but only with good music, not like pop or rap or techno. Like rock, metal, blues ,etc.

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admin says...
For your steam redemption, did you want the game or the dlc/map pack?
posted @ 02/27 01:26.49 AM

noxturnal says...
Wahts up?
posted @ 01/01 07:48.46 PM

noxturnal says...
posted @ 12/31 02:44.24 AM

curtdog15 says...
i wish i had as many points as you!
posted @ 12/16 01:38.35 PM

curtdog15 says...
posted @ 12/16 08:53.32 AM

BossGuDdarwade says...
send Me Some Points
posted @ 12/03 12:39.42 PM
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