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Add me! I am a writer, painter, cartoonist, and photographer. Check out my latest art at http://www.fh7publishing.com/

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"The only one I think I can deal with, is Edgar Allan Poe's daughter over there...." - Movie Beetlejuice.

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PoeDaughter7 says...
Woot, I got my Gaia Online ZOMG game gift for October, heck yea free MMO items and gold in game!
posted @ 10/12 07:10.47 PM

PoeDaughter7 says...
Switched to IMVU and Gaia Online Zomg, Second Life was running like poop on my computer.
posted @ 09/24 09:53.06 PM

PoeDaughter7 says...
I got 2 extra Dranopia dragons this week, thanks stuffpoints! You help my games get extra points.
posted @ 04/02 08:31.45 PM

PoeDaughter7 says...
Still getting points, really fun! If you must play games online a bit, may as well get some extra points.
posted @ 04/01 05:20.12 PM

PoeDaughter7 says...
Woot! Really got points on my game!
posted @ 03/31 05:58.46 PM

PoeDaughter7 says...
New and looking around, so far so good.
posted @ 03/25 05:04.51 PM
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