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KatjunkacharmSpot says...
Hi! to tell as in SL to throw off L$???
posted @ 08/26 07:19.44 AM

NoStoneUnturned_sl says...
Lol just checking. ;D ;P
It doesn't least not for now... The main reason to use it is the character space...;p And using the greater/less-than symbols don't cut off messages...D:
posted @ 08/25 03:17.03 AM

NoStoneUnturned_sl says...
Hey friend. Things are going well; been quite busy getting ready for Fall Semester to begin..^^;; How're things with you? (Did forget to reply to a mail message that I thought I replied to..? x'D)
posted @ 08/24 11:54.45 AM

Daireanna_sl says...
Hello..find me in sl... lelak riverstone
posted @ 08/22 07:33.47 PM

apple124 says...
everyday i get about 3,000 points from surveys and watching videos
posted @ 08/20 04:30.51 AM

apple124 says...
your welcome good luck with your points
posted @ 08/19 05:34.55 PM

NoStoneUnturned_sl says...
(Radium, SuperSonic, PeanutsLab, V11, etc)... and periodically throughout the day when you can since the offers refresh!
Bonne chance!!
Should've mailed the response-yikes.x.x
posted @ 08/14 12:51.32 PM

NoStoneUnturned_sl says...
fail) to work your way into the competitions is great motivation (for me anyway. ;p)
You can add YouTube Video(s) for points....Although it's also not instant.
There are tasks you can do for points.... and make sure you scope out *each* section (Radium
posted @ 08/14 12:51.01 PM

NoStoneUnturned_sl says...
picture (via Twitter) per day?
You can add pictures to fan clubs if that's more your speed, too....but you don't get rewarded for that until the following day SP-time...(3 hours ahead of SL time).
Setting a goal for yourself... and trying (even if you
posted @ 08/14 12:50.43 PM

NoStoneUnturned_sl says...
"X" it and try later in the day and *maybe* get lucky... not common but it has happened a few times for me where I succeeded at a later time...
Do you know of the prize button? Are you doing the 1 Poll, view homepage, and sharing a picture (
posted @ 08/14 12:50.12 PM
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