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Total Earnings: $125.948
Tasks Completed: 1326
Offers Completed: 41
Points Earned: 125,948
Referrals: 47

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US littledementor earned 10,158 points
VN titto earned 5,597 points
PK sehreen earned 50 points
AE elezabeth earned 0 points
LK Laara4ever earned 103 points

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about me
Hey I'm here for stardoll gift cards and some other rewards :)
Currently at level Bronze :)
total earning : $78.016 :)
-received 4 rewards :)
-Won second prize in a crowdflower contest winning 1500 points dated: 2nd july 2013 :)
-Done with my 50000 points on 23rd july 2013
P.S : I will not buy you any prize so don't bother to ask for it :)

stuff i like
Fashion Stardoll Shoes Nail Designs makeup Cats hairstyles IMVU Cakes Dogs
Nature Facebook Apple Stuffpoint SpongeBoB  Square Pants Disney ice cream Xbox Live Animal-Lovers Youtube
Beyonce Ferrari Club Penguin Coke Second Life Pokemon sweets Temple Run milkshakes Katy Perry
stuff i want
stuff i've received

25,000 Points
$25 Stardoll Card

25,000 Points
$25 Stardoll Card

10,000 Points
$10 Stardoll

10,000 Points
$10 Stardoll
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titto says...
Oh, so you reffered me!!! I've never known )
posted @ 01/17 11:29.28 AM

BatMan_ says...
Add me if you want , and sorry for asking but eh..can i pleas get some points i really want one of those cards. But its ok if you don't want to.
posted @ 01/10 07:08.25 AM

cuuky says...
Hi. I don't know if you remember me , but i was on chat when you Said that you didnt receive your reward in that time. Im really happy to see that you have finally received it ^^. Btw , to get a stardoll reward through your mail do you need adress verification? Because i only have email verification , so yeah .. Good luck on earning ^^.
posted @ 12/26 05:20.58 AM

rafaela2000 says...
Hey I am here for stardoll gift cards too ! Add me if you want to .... ♥
posted @ 12/25 04:32.51 PM

LusiferMs says...
Nice And btw, did you receive your stardoll giftcards? Sorry for asking all those questions, but i'm new in here and i just want to know if the site is reliable and not a waste of time!
posted @ 12/13 11:15.02 AM

LusiferMs says...
how did you earn all those points?
posted @ 12/11 09:43.46 AM

SweetBarbie199 says...
hi, I see you received stardoll gift card, my question is , It is easier (better) to receive it on email ? Thanks ♥

posted @ 11/16 08:31.30 AM

gamernicks says...
congrats | i know you get your 4th reward :P :P

posted @ 11/13 05:19.00 AM

gamernicks says...
congrats | i know you get your 4rd reward :P

posted @ 11/13 05:18.37 AM

gamernicks says...
congrats | i know you get your 3rd reward
posted @ 11/13 05:18.02 AM
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