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2013/09/06 : 日本語能力試験の結果が届きました!N1不合格。。悔しいいい、後6点(涙)

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zhu says...
u need to get an adress verification first
posted @ 07/03 09:17.35 PM

zhu says...
Have you gotten your G-coins refunded
posted @ 03/13 02:29.47 AM

zhu says...
what are you saving up for
Don't forget to get an address verification to get a physical reward
posted @ 02/08 11:09.10 PM

zhu says...
Do you have a Gaia Online
posted @ 02/05 06:24.51 AM

zhu says...
Can you join my fan club 'The world god only knows'
posted @ 02/05 02:14.26 AM

zhu says...
What's your name on @games
posted @ 02/05 12:10.31 AM

zhu says...
How do you take screenshots
posted @ 02/04 05:41.54 AM

zhu says...
TM close D=
posted @ 02/01 01:26.44 AM

diesades says...
oohh.. iya bener.. ada kamu juga.. hehehe.. sekali lagi makasi yaahh..
posted @ 12/24 07:54.37 AM

diesades says...
top 10? lihatnya di mana? hehe
posted @ 12/23 11:57.55 PM
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