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checked in to Naruto Shippuuden 5 years ago
checked in to Naruto Shippuuden 5 years ago
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HIHELLO_99 says...
Add me on stardoll.. .(: i really want to win a stardoll card. :[ my names HIHELLO_99 btw

posted @ 01/06 08:20.00 PM

joanne123 says...
what's your name on stardoll??? mine is AwesomeJoanne so guys feel free to add me
posted @ 08/09 05:52.59 PM

XxKittiexX says...
Hey What's Your Name On Stardoll?
posted @ 07/22 11:11.40 AM

pinkemano says...
hey ;D whats your name in stardoll ? i'll Add u = )
posted @ 07/20 06:13.31 PM

tebouza says...
i poot like but i didn't get a cod plz help
posted @ 06/17 06:27.37 AM

Midway says...
I added you on Stardoll! Haha
posted @ 03/26 11:59.16 PM

teletubbyx says...
Haha we both won the youtube contest the same day (: Congrats!
posted @ 02/09 01:47.34 PM

killertank101 says...
whats you youtube channel called?

posted @ 02/08 07:56.53 PM

kimhyunjoong says...
wow you are earning fast
posted @ 02/08 04:33.31 PM

AyumiAyakura says...
Hm, well, i did but that was a long time ago.. xD need to rewatch those movies again.
posted @ 01/17 08:53.15 AM

apple124 says...
i still use it
posted @ 01/14 04:43.53 AM

AyumiAyakura says...
Hello there! Thank you for joining the random club, and i really like L and Death Note too! If you want to discuss Death note or anime then ill do it with love.
posted @ 01/13 03:54.31 PM

apple124 says...
i dont use stardoll anymore but i will add you
posted @ 01/13 03:52.08 PM

apple124 says...
to get points , add pictures in fan clubs, watch videos, surveys and create a youtube video for referrals
posted @ 01/13 12:49.33 PM
Still can't find it? Time to google it!