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aLove4Reve says...
Thanks friend for the answer now could answer me one thing that I can site consiguir points? Without the Stuff point
posted @ 06/25 11:17.17 PM

aLove4Reve says...
conseguil many points as you help me please
posted @ 06/22 02:45.51 PM

Red_Swan says...
How did u earn so much points
posted @ 06/15 05:52.57 PM

Alyssalove says...
Yeah you're right and sure! I would like that :]
posted @ 10/14 10:49.06 AM

Alyssalove says...
__obeyalyssa im definitley changing my name when I get the card >.< idk what to change it to though!
posted @ 10/13 05:13.09 PM

Alyssalove says...
Yeah i'm close! What's your meez? If you still get on it?
posted @ 10/12 09:44.28 PM

Alyssalove says...
Thanks! I'll keep that in mind, i'm trying to get to 15,000 points for a prepaid card. >.
posted @ 10/06 08:41.15 PM

sakoun says...
Thank you for helping really appreciate it and congratz for earning that mutch pointsD:
posted @ 10/06 07:27.57 PM

Alyssalove says...
How did you earn sooooo many points?
posted @ 10/06 04:29.01 PM

sakoun says...
Hey, i need help with refferals, i tried everything.. please help me out.
posted @ 10/02 05:22.46 PM

EpicNutella says...
You're from the UK, how did the US PayPal money work for you?
posted @ 08/01 11:53.28 AM

EpicNutella says...
Wow. I just realised I'm one of your referrals, top earning as well o3o
posted @ 07/31 09:44.03 AM

xdevilzgurl1209x says...
Hey I have a question. Is it safe to give stuffpoint your address? because i am planning to get a prize mailed to me, but i dont know whether it is safe or not. Please Respond.
posted @ 05/03 07:50.34 PM

NevesTis says...
Oh okay. I'll do those. Thank you for your help. ^^

posted @ 02/17 12:12.46 PM
Still can't find it? Time to google it!