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about me
Life is game .
Hi my name is Joshua :) 18
Just found this site not long so it's gonna take me some time to get use to it :D
I like playing games and watch anime but mostly i play more than watch :)

Oh ! And ummm I made a group for anime lovers called anime land feel free to join my group it would be nice to have more otaku's joining and contribute pictures and videos to our group :D

stuff i like
Anime Land Anime Paradise Anime & Manga Sword Art Online Black Rock Shooter Miku Hatsune Vocaloid Stuffpoint Cute animine girls ciub!!! Coke
Fantasy Wallpapers Angel Beats COSPLAY Zombies Call Of Duty Final Fantasy Series Katy Perry Highschool of the Dead Youtube Batman
Facebook Mass Effect 3 The Walking Dead Merlin Once Upon a Time One Piece Dogs Anime Cosplays Skyrim Rihanna
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AyumiAyakura says...
I also like Romance and i look at harem sometimes too just if they dont contain too much nudity. I like comedy, romance and sometimes horror too heh. cx
posted @ 01/12 01:10.18 PM

AyumiAyakura says...
Thank you for answering! ~
So, it seems like you are a anime fan! what series are your favroites?
posted @ 01/11 03:17.12 PM

AyumiAyakura says...
Hello, nice to meet you!
posted @ 01/11 08:55.20 AM

Tangeton says...
Hey there ! I also started using stuffpoint recently. How much do you earn from fun clubs everyday?
posted @ 01/09 01:39.12 PM

zerania says...
Happy New Year~
posted @ 01/01 04:18.58 AM

roneta99 says...
your profile is great
can you give me points pleaze
posted @ 12/19 07:15.02 AM

applelolaloly says...
hi nice to meet you ^_^
posted @ 12/10 08:23.51 AM

Shaorina says...
Nah, it's okay, I don't know thailand flag looks like BXDD
posted @ 11/22 05:38.28 AM

afranc says...
add me!
posted @ 11/16 08:19.01 AM

afranc says...
i want to talk about something!
posted @ 11/16 08:18.19 AM
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