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about me
Life is game .
Hi my name is Joshua :) 18
Just found this site not long so it's gonna take me some time to get use to it :D
I like playing games and watch anime but mostly i play more than watch :)

Oh ! And ummm I made a group for anime lovers called anime land feel free to join my group it would be nice to have more otaku's joining and contribute pictures and videos to our group :D

stuff i like
Anime Land Anime Paradise Anime & Manga Sword Art Online Black Rock Shooter Miku Hatsune Vocaloid Stuffpoint Cute animine girls ciub!!! THE TRANSFORMERS
Anime Girls Sony WWE Smackdown Playstation 3 Transformers Digimon League of legends Pokemon Animal-Lovers Gundam 00
Angry Birds Death Note Paramore Vehicles Kristen Stewart Avatar SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online The Legend of Korra Harry Potter D.Gray-man
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AyumiAyakura says...
I also like Romance and i look at harem sometimes too just if they dont contain too much nudity. I like comedy, romance and sometimes horror too heh. cx
posted @ 01/12 01:10.18 PM

AyumiAyakura says...
Thank you for answering! ~
So, it seems like you are a anime fan! what series are your favroites?
posted @ 01/11 03:17.12 PM

AyumiAyakura says...
Hello, nice to meet you!
posted @ 01/11 08:55.20 AM

Tangeton says...
Hey there ! I also started using stuffpoint recently. How much do you earn from fun clubs everyday?
posted @ 01/09 01:39.12 PM

zerania says...
Happy New Year~
posted @ 01/01 04:18.58 AM

roneta99 says...
your profile is great
can you give me points pleaze
posted @ 12/19 07:15.02 AM

applelolaloly says...
hi nice to meet you ^_^
posted @ 12/10 08:23.51 AM

Shaorina says...
Nah, it's okay, I don't know thailand flag looks like BXDD
posted @ 11/22 05:38.28 AM

afranc says...
add me!
posted @ 11/16 08:19.01 AM

afranc says...
i want to talk about something!
posted @ 11/16 08:18.19 AM
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