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about me
Uh... I have a lot of time so i'm just going to write a whole bunch of things about myself in this description box.BASICS:
My name's Nhinnah (It's pronounced knee-na)
I started this account simply to sign up for other things such as youtube and facebook but now i'll be posting my youtube videos here and posting other random stuff here.
I clearly have all the time in the world,especially considering the fact that i go to school, come home and FREETIME! haha.On my freetime I like to SHARE things I like with other people and introduce new things to people; like kpop, jpop, anime etc. those things have clearly been around for awhile now, but I just want to share what I know about that. Every now and then I take a video of my dog and post it for those dog lovers out there. Not everyday do I spend my freetime on posting videos, sharing and socializing. I also have sisters I have to look after for and hang out with,but usually I spend my freetime on practicing the keyboard(No not typing, the piano keyboard). I teach my dog tricks, go play some sports outdoors, EAAAATTT, take pictures of flowers and trees and my surroundings(its become a habit now, haha everywhere i go when i see something pretty i take a picture of it) I love art so i paint color and sketch all the time and I LOVE MUSIC, MUSIC IS MY LIFE!!! SO everything I do i always have a little music jamming to it. I love writing, usually everyone I know thinks i'm wasting my time on writing stories but i actually take time making these stories, and one day i hope to get them published(they're not one paged stories as you imagine, i spent a year writing a story that is 100 something pages,yes it took awhile but i do other things to haha). And my ultimate hobbie is scrapbooking, sorting pictures and making collages. I love making and keeping memories. I love way to many things to list, but if you really want to know then go to my blog and under the section 'my life' will be lots of things about me.
My dreams are big... I want to become a heart surgeon but sometimes i doubt myself, i also want to become an author, an anime creator, and a pianist. All so many things i want to become and all so many things i want to have in the future... it sometimes seem so impossible but i never stop trying. I came up with this great idea to become a heart surgeon and when I have time i could write books and then animate them and music is everywhere, I don't have to necessarily become a pianist, i can always use my freetime to play the piano. So yep i plan on becoming a surgeon, author, anime creator, and a pianist. When i accomplish those tasks then i will get my own house get married and have 4 kids 2 boys two girls. I love animals so Im going to have a 2 dogs and a cat.
Some will have positive opinions about me, some may think i'm a weird girl, and others won't be concerned but none of that matters to me, I'm just trying to enjoy what I have left of a childhood before I become an actual adult with big responsibilities. My life is not one of those big stories of how i became famous or successful or this and that(dont know how to describe). Well my life isn't an inspiring story or anything, its just an ordinary life, an ordinary girl trying to enjoy life do what she likes and then accomplish her dreams. Nothing more or less.
I'm sorry if this bored you to death, or you thought it wasn't perfect because the misspellings and unprofessional mistakes but I'm lazy right now so screw it. ^.^


MY BLOG(not always updated but i spend quiet and amount of time on it)

stuff i like
Anime Club Clannad AfterStory Death Note K-pop BOY BANDS Bokura ga Ita Vocaloid Youtube super junior B.A.P. Kotoura-san
Clannad Skip Beat KPOP(SHINee,CNBlue,SUJU,B.A.P,EXO,etc.) Angel Beats Rosario + Vampire Fairy Tail KPOP The Fosters Kanon Crafts
EXO Kimi ni Todoke Dogs Cats
stuff i want
stuff i've received
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