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A Man Among Wolves, Shaun Ellis has joined a pack of wolves, living and behaving like them. Abandoned at birth, three wolf pups are raised by Shaun who then teaches them the ways of the wild. As they grow up, he feeds, sleeps and breaths the same air.
A Man Among Wolves
Wolves - Howling - In Nature, Magnificent wolves howling in the natural world.
Wolves - Howling - In Nature
Wolves Fight, Wolves fighting!!!!!
Wolves Fight
.:Anime Wolves:.♫I'd Come for You♫,
.:Anime Wolves:.♫I'd Come for You♫
Wolves ~ I'm With You,
Wolves ~ I'm With You
Wolves-When Your Gone,
Wolves-When Your Gone
Wolves Bring Me to Life, music video with wolves pics
Wolves Bring Me to Life
Wolves - Look through my eyes, looking though wolf eyes
Wolves - Look through my eyes
We Are The Chosen Wolves! - Dream Evil, music video of the glory and honorable wovles
We Are The Chosen Wolves! - Dream Evil
Wolf in the House, and aint he lazy?, My wolf thinks it is better to stay inside, not outside where he belongs.Awwwww so cute!!!
Wolf in the House, and aint he lazy?
Happy, lazy wolf puppy, Koga is almost 4 weeks old in this video
Happy, lazy wolf puppy
Howling Wolfdog: Peto (Isn't he the cutest!?), Howling Wolfdog. Peto being his lazy self, howling, deciding that laying down is a much more comfortable position to howl. HE IS NOT INJURED, SICK or otherwi...
Howling Wolfdog: Peto (Isn't he the cutest!?)


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