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Which is the better zombie?

View Results SkeletalHeart_sl posted 6 years ago

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human advantage, so, walkers.
posted @ 10/08 08:27.47 AM

LadyniteLovesWho says...
Walkers because...technically, they are DEAD PEOPLE and muscles, tendons, bones, etc. are deteriorating...if their bodies are deteriorating, then how can they use them to be fast and run? It doesn't quite add up. Though I understand in the movies where they are fast they are like completely different creatures..virus inhibiting bodies...but I still think it makes more sense that they would be stiffer and slower because of decay.
posted @ 12/23 02:19.14 PM

i said walkers because that gives the human time to run hide or get their weapons. they can't do all them things if the zombies are running at them.The Resident Evil got running zombies and walking ones at time and I hated that.
posted @ 11/19 04:20.18 PM

jwall77 says...
Julie The Return Of Living Dead 3
posted @ 10/11 02:32.11 PM

SkeletalHeart_sl says...
Runners: Very fast, very strong, usually hunt by smell, sight, and sound. Very hard to take on in any situation. These ones are beasts out for blood and the only thing that will stop them is instant and sudden death. They're terrifying upon confrontation and usually very loud as opposed to the walkers. Runners have lost all humanity upon the change and will be easier to kill, emotionally as they are nothing but beasts now.
posted @ 09/29 04:04.11 PM

SkeletalHeart_sl says...
Walkers: Slow, stupid, usually hunt by sound or sight. Easy to take on one or two but when confronted with a herd, its impossible to escape. Usually very persistent and will keep after you even if all their limbs are destroyed. Walkers often keep a little bit of their former lives locked up inside and have a bit of character to them, thus making them appear sad or helpless. Like a locked soul within a carnivorous body.
posted @ 09/29 03:56.42 PM


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